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I have been suffering from the classic triad of chronic sinus infection, GERD and asthma for over 20 years. After consulting an immunologist, several ENT's and a pulmonologist it appeared that the chronic sinusitis was the driver. Despite doing nasal rinsing (Neti pot) the chronic sinusitis could only be controlled with constant antibiotic usage. I would be on antibiotics for 4-6 weeks, then off for a month. This went on, quite literally, for years. Finally my system rebelled and I developed clostridium difficile, which made taking antibiotics much riskier.

In the early 90's, an immunologist had opined that there was an immune imbalance involved in my case, even though he could not, at that time, detect it. So when I discovered that Immune-E was on the market I decided to give it a try. Within a month I was noticeably better, with much less infected discharge from the sinuses. After three months I began to ween off my asthma inhalers, and within 6 months I was no longer on PPI's for reflux. I have been taking this product now for just over 2 years. I currently use no inhalers, take no PPI's, and have not needed antibiotics. I continue with nasal rinsing, butthe purulent discharge continues to be minimal.

I am grateful to the researchers at Tampa Bay Research Institute for their work to develop ProLigna, and the people of Allera, who have made Immunextra available to us.
TBRI is grateful for the annual support of people just like you whose gifts assure the margin of excellence in our vital research work.
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Keep Up the Good Work TBRI – My Entire Family and I are Forever Grateful

I was diagnosed in 2007 with metastatic breast cancer – Stage 4 – terminal. It was round 2. I had learned about Immunextra from a friend and began taking it in conjunction with a regimen of holistic alternatives along with chemotherapy. The chemo was of such strength that up until I started, the most anyone had been able to endure was 4 treatments. I completed 17, missing no scheduled appointments. That was 4 years ago and 4 Christmas Dinners I was not supposed to have.  Chemo stopped, scans were farther apart but I kept the ImmuneExtra and alternative routine going faithfully. Life was good again!

Early to mid 2011, the last scan had uncovered spots in my liver and lung – this time, very small. The same chemo treatment started again and the ImmunExtra continues. Tumors shrunk and I have again been given the ‘all clear’.   Life ‘is’ good again!   ImmuneExtra is playing a significant role in my fight. I visit and check in with Dr. Tanaka every time my gal pals (The Babes) and I make our trip to Florida for American Thanksgiving. I have since adopted the C3 complex along with ImmuneExtra.   

Keep up the good work TBRI – my entire family and I are forever grateful.

Your Friend from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Andrea T., Hockey Mom
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I am grateful to the researchers at Tampa Bay Research Institute...
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The following videos contain testimonials regarding the use of the commercially available pine cone extract, Immune Extra, a dietary supplement developed at the Tampa Bay Research Institute. The testimonies describe the use of the supplement to strengthen the immune system in conditions ranging from allergies to cancer. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the people volunteering their testimonies. These videos were kindly recorded and produced by John Sipos.
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Liza talks about a cancer scare and her "little miracle".
Ed and Gloria talk about the miraculous response of their son's cancer (cutaneous T cell lymphoma) to therapy and the pine cone extract.
Jane talks about her friends battle with metastatic breast cancer and her positive response when using the pine cone extract.
Lise Simms in the original TV commercial for
Immune Extra.

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Bill Allard talks about his miraculous recovery from cancer.